About Us

TPGIT Alumni Network means the best alumni association to stay connected and make opportunities for all alumni to be involved with the institution.We provide this also as a great opportunity for our current students to meet the alumni who are the professionals and get their thoughts and nourish their knowledge and network.

Our vision is to ensure a high quality of life through the collective voice of alumni. Cuurent students can learn from alumni where they are, what they doing and how their education skills have benefited for them. They share the stories and experiences and build an extended network for future.

TPGIT Alumni Network meant for each other. Our community creates opportunities for alumni to make a difference. Get out and connect with people. It makes a difference in your life. Breadth of knowledge is critical to developing high value decision makers for todays competitive world.

TPGIT is developing and enriching the students with wide aspects. Alumni have made their mark in academics and extracurricular activities.The pace of change requires continuous improvement and constant learning. Keeping this in mind, TPGIT train our students to be fully prepared for the challenges of the future.